West Launches New Website

West Launches New Website
Posted on 01/10/2017
New website graphic

Welcome to Lakota West’s New Website! 

Lakota West has a new look for its website. Not only that, the new site will give you more information than ever before – and it is easier to use! 

Below are our “Top 10 Tools” to help you make the most of the new site and get to the information you need as quickly as possible.

Note that these tips focus mostly on the homepage since you can get almost anywhere from there.

10. Find Any School’s Site/Jump to the District Site: The “Select a School” button at the top left of the homepage lets you quickly jump to any Lakota school’s site. There is also a button at the top left to easily go to the district’s homepage.

9. Language: The “Language” button (also top left of the homepage) allows you to translate the site into 10 languages, such as Spanish, Cantonese, French, Korean and Hindi.

8. Search & Login: Use the search bar at the top to search by keyword for any page or document throughout the whole site.

7. Red Navigation Bar: You can go to just about anywhere from the mega menus that appear when you hover over the different headers on this bar across the top of the homepage. This bar reflects the site’s organization– with the goal of getting you to the information you’re seeking in two clicks or less. The dropdown menus throughout the site continue this feature.

6. Integrated with District Site: The West site is closely integrated with the district site. You should be able to quickly access district information and forms.

5. News: A quick snapshot of West’s “School News”, as well as the top “District News” stories appear on the homepage.

4. Quick Links: Just as the name suggests, these icons below the scrolling banner and are just that – links that take you directly to the most visited information, again letting you move easily throughout the site.

3. Twitter Feed: Tweets posted by @FirebirdTweets are now shown right on the homepage to give you the latest information about what’s going on at West.

2. Upcoming Events: This is another summary area – with brief details on several upcoming district and school events. There is an option to see a complete event listing; just click on the “view calendar” button.

1. Photos: And finally, you’ll notice more photos throughout the site, including the scrolling banner on the homepage.

While not a specific section, the new site is designed with mobile compatibility, allowing you to easily view the site on any mobile device without compromising or limiting the available content. Test it on your phone, tablet, laptop or other device.