Lakota West High School's Students of the Month

Lakota West High School's Students of the Month
Posted on 10/11/2017
Students of the Month

Students are nominated by our staff when a student does something positive. From our monthly Phenomenal Firebird submissions, we randomly select one student per grade to be our Student of the Month. These students will be featured each month at the Clubhouse Sports Grille in West Chester. Students will also receive a $10 gift card from the Clubhouse Sports Grille. 

 Congratulations to our Phenomenal Firebirds:
Ellie Weisman (Senior)              Brianna Fitzgerald (Junior)
Ellie Weisman      Brianna Fitzgerald
Molly Wiehe (Sophomore)           Miles Johnson (Freshman)
Molly Wiehe      Miles Johnson

Lindsay Barr (Senior)         Leah Ibrahim (Senior)
Lindsay Barr     Leah Ibrahim

Nevaeh Dean (Sophomore)     Matthew Foley (Freshman)
Nevaeh Dean     Matthew Foley

A'Mari Scott (Senior) Kenyatta Jones (Junior)
Amari Scott Kenyatta Jones
Tommie Walker (Sophomore) Abby Lindley (Sophomore) 
Tommie Walker Abby Lindley
Ace Owens (Freshman)
Ace Owens

Luis Rivera (Senior) Olivia Sayre (Junior)
Luis Rivera     Oliviia Sayre

Haley Ngo (Sophomore) Naima Mahdi (Freshman
Haley Ngo Naima Mahdi

Valeria Arroyo-Venegas (Senior) Taylor Herbert (Junior)
Valeria Arroyo-Venegas Taylor Herbert
Cole Davis (Sophomore) Maribel Arreaola (Freshman) 
Cole Davis Maribel Arreola

Aaron Parker (Senior) Taylor Willis (Junior) Aaron Parker Taylor Willis Anne Scott (Sophomore) Ben Stafford (Freshman) Anne Scott Ben Stafford