Lakota West Freshman Hosts DR SEUSS WANTS YOU! exhibit

Lakota West Freshman Hosts DR SEUSS WANTS YOU! exhibit
Posted on 03/16/2018
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During the week of March 19, the West Freshman Campus is hosting the Dr. Seuss Wants You! exhibit, on loan from the Holocaust and Humanity Center in Cincinnati. This is an original exhibit highlighting the remarkable and insightful works that show an unexpected and unknown aspect of Dr. Seuss. Typical Seuss characters encourage us to discover the issues that America must address while the rest of the world was at war. Seuss’ art confronts common issues in America that were often ignored, including our own: isolationism, racism, antisemitism, and willingness to appease. This exhibit also has a useful timeline of events, which provides context for Seuss illustrations. Full of life's lessons for the entire family.  This exhibit will culminate with a presentation by Dr. Al Miller next Wednesday, March 21 during a school wide assembly.
 West Freshman Seuss Hall

Dr. Miller was born in Berlin, Germany in 1922. His family owned a successful clothing company, and he has many happy memories of his early childhood. As an active youth, he enjoyed sports until one day he arrived at his favorite recreation center to find it forbidden to Jews. He also was an enthusiastic student. He remembers many of his childhood friends joining the Hitler Youth and wearing their uniforms with pride and cutting him out of their lives for being Jewish. He was the last Jewish student to remain in his class until it was made too uncomfortable for him to stay. In 1936, Al attended the infamous Berlin Olympics in which American runner Jesse Owens won four medals. As conditions became worse for the Jews of Germany, his family put together a plan to leave the country and resettle elsewhere. Al departed Nazi Germany in 1937 for Switzerland, while his brother was sent to England. His parents remained in Germany, enduring Kristallnacht and hiding in a friend’s home. The family was eventually to reunite in England before immigrating to America in 1939. Al settled in Hamilton, Ohio where he practiced optometry until his retirement.