Early Leave

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Early Leave
While we hope that medical and/or legal appointments can be scheduled after the school day ends, we realize that is not always possible. A student may leave school before the day ends provided the parent/guardian writes a note indicating that the student has a medical or legal appointment. This note must be given to the attendance office before 7:30 a.m. Notes must be verified through phone conversation with the parent or guardian. The student must sign out in the Attendance Office before leaving school. Failure to comply with any or all steps of this process will result in disciplinary action. 

Students leaving school because of illness must report to the clinic. The clinic personnel will notify the parent/guardian. The student will sign out through the Attendance Office. Students who do not drive are to remain in the clinic until their parent/guardian picks them up. Students who fail to comply with attendance office sign-outs will be referred to their administrator for disciplinary action. 

Seniors and second semester juniors will be given reasonable time ( 3 times ) to visit colleges where they have applied, intend to apply, or there is a valid reason for such a visit. Students should bring written permission to visit a college campus to the attendance office. This note must be presented at least two days prior to the visit and must contain the following information:

  1. The name of the college you wish to visit.
  2. Date the visit will take place.
  3. Name of parent to contact and correct phone number.
  4. Signature of parent/guardian.
  5. Students will not be allowed to leave school without completing this process. Student who are 18 years or older must comply with this process and may not present notes written or signed by themselves.