May 31 Commencement Ceremony Information

May 31 Commencement Ceremony Information
Posted on 05/28/2020
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Commencement Ceremonies will be held on Sunday, May 31, 2020 at 12:00 pm/3:00 pm/6:00 pm.  Students will be assigned a ceremony based on the alphabet. The ceremonies will take place in front of the Main Entrance to Lakota West High School. We anticipate each ceremony lasting approximately 1 ½ hours.  The rain date will be Sunday, June 7, 2020 at 12:00 pm/3:00 pm/6:00 pm. We will make the decision regarding the rain date on Friday, May 29.  

The graduate(s) and their immediate family members will be assigned one space in the rows closest to the building. If an additional car was requested during the sign-up, the second car with immediate family members NOT including the graduate(s) will be in a spot in the rear of the lot. Families may consider bringing binoculars in the event their spot is in the rear of the lot. Oversized vehicles, such as party buses and/or limos, will not be permitted.

The ceremonies will be broadcast on speakers throughout the lot and will also be transmitted via radio signal similar to a drive-in theater via frequency 98.1 FM.

In addition, the ceremonies will be livestreamed on the Lakota Local Schools Facebook Page for family and friends to watch from home.

The parking lot will open one hour prior to the start of the ceremony. Please do not arrive earlier than this time as this will create traffic problems which could delay the start of the ceremony. We would like the graduate’s car in their assigned spot ten minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. This will allow a final check to help us keep graduates in the correct order for the roll call.

Students will participate in the ceremony based on their last name. Official confirmation of ceremony time will come soon with quadrant, row, and spot numbers. Some students may have times outside this alpha breakdown due to late registration. Please refer to your e-mail next week for confirmation.


        12:00 pm Ceremony (Parking Lot will open at 11:00 am) - Student last names A - G

        3:00 pm Ceremony (Parking Lot will open at 2:00 pm) - Student last names H - P

        6:00 pm Ceremony (Parking Lot will open at 5:00 pm) - Student last names R- Z



Assigned Spots/Traffic Flow

In order to ensure we get the lots loaded and unloaded as quickly as possible, there will be West Chester Police directing traffic. We will need patience and will also need everyone to follow the directions of the officers.

To ease traffic congestion, we ask those in quadrant A to enter utilizing the rear entrance off of Lakota West Drive. Those in quadrant B enter utilizing the West Chester Road entrance in the rear. All other entrances to the parking lot will be closed. Please view the commencement ceremony traffic flow map. 


All spots for graduates in the lot will be assigned. Please view the commencement ceremony parking lot map. Please do not attempt to bring additional cars beyond the ones assigned to you. If an additional car was requested during the sign-up, the second car with immediate family members NOT including the graduate(s) will be in a spot in the rear of the lot. Families may consider bringing binoculars in the event their spot is in the rear of the lot. Oversized vehicles, such as party buses and/or limos, will not be permitted.

Once you receive your quadrant, row, and spot number, we ask that you clearly display your parking assignment and graduate name(s) inside your car. When you enter the lot, you will display your sign and will be directed to the appropriate area in the lot. Once you have entered the lot, there will be multiple individuals available to get you into the correct spot as quickly as possible.

At the start of the ceremony, the parking lots will be closed. No cars will be permitted to enter or exit the lot at any time during the ceremony.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, to ensure the quickest exit, West Chester Police will dismiss by row beginning in the rear of the lot. Please follow instructions from the officers to ensure a quick exit and to ensure adequate time for graduates to arrive for the next ceremony.


Access to the Building

There will be no access to the building for graduates or guests. This includes restroom facilities. Please plan accordingly for the ceremony.


Cap and Gown

Students MUST purchase a cap and gown to participate in the ceremony.

Caps and gowns previously ordered are available for pick-up in the Lakota West Main Office between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Students will keep their cap, gown and tassel. All students will receive a medallion when they picked up their cap/gown. This is to be worn during the ceremony.

If a cap or gown does not fit, you still need to order, or there are problems with your order, seniors should contact Graduate Service (513-272-5890) as soon as possible.

Only honor cords or sashes NHS, Class Officers etc, should be worn during the ceremony.



Graduate Dress for Ceremonies

Graduates must adhere to the following guidelines:

1.     Males will wear black caps and gowns with light colored shirt and dark slacks/shorts.

2.     Females will wear red caps and gowns with white/light colored clothing with no patterns. NOTE: Clothing with a print will tend to bleed through the white gown and affect the quality of pictures.

Please note – this is a formal ceremony and professional pictures will be taken of each graduate. Please ensure your dress is appropriate for a formal ceremony and ensures you get the picture you and your family would like.



 Commencement Requirements

All seniors and early graduates must have completed all academic and other requirements including, but not limited to all Ohio Graduation Points/Alternative Pathway Options/Ohio Graduation Tests in order to participate in the Lakota West High School Commencement Ceremonies. In addition, seniors MUST have returned their Chromebooks in order to participate in Graduation. The only exception to this are seniors taking AP Exams.

A student who fails a second semester class that is needed to fulfill a graduation requirement will not be permitted to participate in the commencement ceremony, even if the credit can be made up in summer school.  Participation in the Commencement Ceremony is reserved only for those students who have successfully completed all coursework and state testing requirements.



Commencement Ceremonies

The Lakota West High School Commencement Ceremonies will be conducted with dignity and respect for the graduates who have worked so hard for this day.  Graduates, parents and guests are reminded that commencement is a ceremony. Throughout the ceremonies we ask graduates and guests to remain quiet in order for all graduates and their families to enjoy the ceremony. We know there is extreme excitement to celebrate your Graduate, however, please do not allow your celebration to cause another family to miss their graduate’s name.

1.     Graduates must be in the car assigned to the primary spot at the front of the lot. This will be an assigned spot you will know in advance. Having the graduate in the correct car in the correct spot is critical to ensure the correct name is called when the graduate approaches the stage.

2.     When the time comes to award diplomas, graduates will exit their cars and be escorted to the stage, socially distanced, by a Lakota West Staff Member. Marks on the ground will indicate where graduates should stand as they move towards the stage.

3.     Family members and guests are asked to remain at their cars per the order of the Butler County Health Commissioner.

4.     Family members and guests may take pictures from their assigned parking spots only. As with our traditional ceremony at Cintas Center, no one will be permitted to approach the median or the stage except for escorted graduates and commencement personnel.

5.     Professional photographs will be taken of each graduate as they receive their diploma cover on stage.  Proofs will be available to parents shortly after the ceremony date and orders can be placed online.

6.     Upon the graduate’s name being called, they will walk up the steps at the front of the stage, approach the diploma cover table on their appropriate parking lot side and receive their diploma cover. After getting their professional picture, they will exit the stage via the steps on their appropriate side.

7.     After exiting the stage, graduates will walk down the sidewalk in front of the building to a diploma station. Lakota West Personnel will be set-up to ensure students receive the diploma with their name on it.

8.     After receiving the diploma, students will continue down the sidewalk, and will then be led back to their cars by a Lakota West Staff Member. Social distancing is expected at all times when the student is processing and returning to their cars.

9.     To conclude the ceremony, all graduates are invited to exit their cars to participate in Turning the tassel ceremony. Please ensure social distancing at all times.

10.  At the conclusion of the cap toss, students and families should prepare to exit the lot. We will need to begin dismissal of cars by rows, beginning in the back of the lot as quickly as possible.



Commencement Checklist

·       Appropriate time of ceremony confirmed: 

·       12:00 pm  

·       3:00 pm  

·       6:00 pm

·       Cap

·       Gown

·       Tassel

·       Sash/Cord (NHS, Mu Alpha Theta, Top 25, Class Officer, etc)

·       Clearly displayed in the car

·       Graduate Name(s)_________________

·       Quadrant #________(A or B)

·       Row#________(1-8)

·       Spot #________

·       Odd Row/Even Row Traffic Entrance Confirmed:

                 Row A – Lakota West Drive(rear)

                 Row B – West Chester Road(rear)

·       Camera

·       Binoculars

·       Patience

·       SMILE