Lakota West welcomes a new member of our team

Lakota West Welcomes A New Member Of Our Team
Posted on 01/10/2019
Allison Hartman

Lakota West would like to welcome one of the newest members of our team!  Read below for Mrs. Hartman’s introduction.

My name is Allie Hartman, and I am the new Innovation Specialist in the Innovation Hub (with Lindsay Conklin).

 Let’s keep this short and sweet.

- I graduated from Miami University (pictured: graduation day in a classroom in McGuffey Hall)

- I am an English teacher and avid reader and writer (also pictured: a copy of The Outsiders, the class novel from my student teaching)

- I have worked in management at Kings Island for six years

- I love The X-Files (and pretty much any show similar)

Now that you know a little bit about me, I can tell you what I do and how I can help our students:

- Tackle problems with their computers and the applications you use with them (Google Drive, Canvas, etc.)

- Recommend educational tools.

- Co-plan projects and activities that utilize technology

- Demonstrate and help students use the technology in the Hub