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Daily Announcements

Daily Announcements

Lakota West High School
Daily Announcement


Wednesday, May 22
Main Campus Announcements


  • Wednesday, May 22, we will have exams in Periods 4, 5 and 6. The Exams for periods 1, 2 and 3 will be given on Thursday, May 23. Wednesday and Thursday will be early release days (at 12:30) unless you have to make up an exam. Good Luck!
  • Please clean out your lockers. Return your textbooks to your teachers. Any papers, notebooks, etc., that you do not want or need – please dispose of in the trash bins.

West Freshman Announcements

  • There will be no activity bus on Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Any student who knows they will be withdrawing from Lakota at the end of this school year and students who will be attending Butler Tech for their sophomore year please stop by the office and see Mrs. Sparks about the end of the year chrome book return.
  • EXAM Day!
    3rd period 7:20-8:40
    4th period 8:45- 10:10
    5th period 10:15- 11:40
  • Exam information
    • Can my son/daughter take them early? Exempt Students- Anyone who is exempt from an exam and staying for the exam period due to lack of transportation will go to the cafeteria during their exam. Bob, Marty, Taryn, or myself will be in there to monitor these students. If they choose to go home, that is their choice and fine.
    • Cell Phones- All cell phones should be collected upon entering the classroom, think like OST Testing policies, and should not be returned to students until the completion of the exam. Please do not give students back their cell phones until your entire class is completed with exams. We do not want students calling for rides and creating a huge distraction for those who are testing still.
    • Bookbags- These are not permitted into classrooms. NO EXCEPTIONS (Even when it comes to exams)
    • Passes- We should not be sending students to bathrooms, down to the cafeteria (If they finish early) or other places unless you contact an admin/office personnel.
    • Hall Sweep- Eilerman, Barker, and myself will be sweeping the halls once the exams start to get any kids to places they need to go. 6) Make Ups- Do not forget to fill out this form for students who miss Exams. Reminder, we will be putting a “0” in for these until they come back and complete the exam.
  • Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

As always…GO FIREBIRDS!!!

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