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Lakota West 1st Semester Exam Schedule

Lakota West 1st Semester Exam Schedule

Starting on December 13th, we will resume the practice of having semester exams. It’s been since before COVID times since we last had these. As a school district, we feel that semester exams are an important component of the high school experience. It is important for our students to understand these are returning and the approach needed to prepare for a cumulative test covering content from the semester. View the Main Campus exam schedule here. The West Freshman exam schedule can be viewed here.

Goals of Lakota Semester Exams (December 13-16)

  1. Demonstrate Mastery: Measure cumulative knowledge/skill while fostering student ownership of learning.
  2. Inform Instruction: Analyze the results and use the data to drive instructional planning.
  3. Preparation for the 4Es: Exams should model performance based and/or traditional assessment that reflect the range of future experiences.


  • Weight: The exam will be 10% of the semester grade
  • Make ups will occur after the holiday break.  No early exams unless approved by administration due to extenuating circumstances.
  • No Exemptions.  Students will take a culminating assessment for all courses they are enrolled

We will give specific direction and guidance with our students to inform and prepare them for these exams at school, but please be aware and help us in talking about this at home.

  • Lakota West Main Campus Exams
  • Semester Exams
  • West Freshman Exams