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Teachers looking at a TV screen that reads "Model It" with one of their peers presenting to them

When personalized learning is the end goal for Lakota students, staff are no exception. This is especially true at Lakota West High School, where a new and more personal approach to professional development for teachers offers both variety and choice - and a chance to be both the learner and the expert. 

West innovation specialists Lindsay Ellis and Tracie Kleman are the leaders of West’s building-level professional development programming, which requires teachers to participate in at least one learning session a month. They quickly realized that teacher-led sessions were the ticket to not only more buy-in among their peers, but also more productive and enticing content that taps into what they need.

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Group of students sitting on bleachers; Lakota Central logo includes red, black and grey phoenix bird

Personalized learning, in its truest form, is best modeled at Lakota Central. Technically the district’s newest high school, it is officially recognized as a virtual school by the Ohio Department of Education. In reality, it merges the concepts and resources of three former Lakota programs - the Academy, the Virtual Learning Option (VLO) and the work study experience formerly known as ACCESS - all under one roof. 

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Both Lakota marching bands posed for a group photo on the Lakota East football field.

The Lakota East and Lakota West high school marching bands recently returned from making district history, qualifying for the first time together for the “Bands of America” Grand National Semi-finals. Before their departure, the bands held a joint showcase send-off for the entire "WE are Lakota" community to celebrate their shared accomplishment. The bands were two of only 30 to qualify out of approximately 100 involved in the preliminary round and thousands in the prior regional competitions.

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A grid of three photos showing Cyber students over a blue cyber background

From awards to competition rankings to speaking engagements, Lakota’s high school Cyber Academy for developing young talent in the field of cybersecurity is drawing national attention this school year. 

The National Cyber League ranked Lakota East's program No. 1 in the nation, while one of East's teams placed fourth in the national pool of 482 high school cyber teams competing this fall. At a national conference, one of Lakota's cyber teachers accepted a top award from the U.S. Department of Education, while a Lakota West senior was recognized for his achievements and future plans at the National Cyber Signing Day event. Several Lakota staff and students represented Lakota on the national stage as presenters at the conference.

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