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Our Freshman Campus

Our School

Our Mission

Working Together for Excellence And Opportunity

Our Vision

  • Education empowers all students to successfully realize individual talents.
  • At Lakota West, we are committed to provide rigorous, structured learning opportunities that will promote active and life-long learning.
  • Professional colleagues need to foster an honest and trusting professional relationship as they work towards achieving common goals.

Core Beliefs/Foundation Principles

  • Education is empowering and provides choices.
  • All students want to succeed.
  • Students need to be active learners.
  • All students bring different talents.
  • Teaching and learning is more than curricular content.
  • It’s not about me.
  • Teaching is demanding, difficult and complex.
  • Everyone has potential for genius only in different fields.
  • Teachers are stakeholders in education.
  • All students can learn how to succeed.
  • Teaching can not be taught. Learning is the key to schooling. All educators are good people.
  • All students can succeed, they have different faces.

Freshman News

brick and stone building with words Lakota West Freshman Campus
Lakota West Freshman Campus
5050 Tylersville Road
West Chester
FAX 513-682-4230 | Attendance: 513-682-4235